Jensen Vocal Academy of Arts

We hold ourselves to a high standard of musical growth and excellence
While having a lot of FUN!

Jensen Academy of Vocal Arts in Salem Oregon teaches “What Every Singer Needs to Know About the Body”, and sight-reading, while building vocal confidence and skill.

Broadway Review


1st-3rd grades boys and girls Music Group Salem Oregon

1st-3rd grades boys and girls

Latte Singers

6-8th Grade Singing Group Salem Oregon

6-8th grade singers and the occasional advanced younger singer. An audition allows for appropriate placement.

Espresso Ensemble

7th grade through high school Singing Group Salem Oregon

7th grade through high school – Advanced Singers

Women’s Ensemble

Women’s Singing Group Ensemble Salem Oregon

Women’s Ensemble, age 20+

Mixed Ensemble

Mixed Singing Group Ensemble Salem Oregon

Mixed Ensemble, SATB, men and women

Private Voice Lessons

Private Voice Lessons Salem Oregon

30 or 60 minute weekly voice lessons for all ages

Artistic Skills Development

Artistic Skills

All true artists should become excellent in the artistic skills of their craft. We offer beginning level artistic skills and advanced concepts for those with inquiring and passionate minds.

Group Theory & Ear Training
Artistic SkillsGroup Theory & Ear Training is offered once a month to all persons enrolled in one of JAVA’s programs. There are separate Group Theory & Ear Training sessions for different ages. These training sessions are held once a month for one hour. The hour will be roughly split between Group Theory and Ear Training.